Best Cornish Hen Recipe Air Fryer

air fryer cornish hen recipe

Cornish hen recipe air fryer is a palatable treat for all the chicken lovers out there! These crispy Cornish hen recipe air fryers have a delicate and sweet flavor. It is filled with a tender, falling-off-the-bone texture which melts in your mouth.

Cornish Hen Recipe Air Fryer

Today I am going to share my recent favorite recipe for a Cornish hen in an air fryer with you. But first, let me enlighten you with these cross-bred lucrative products to you.

What is a Cornish Game Hen?

Mixtures of two separate chicken species make up Cornish hens. In 1950, breeding was done between White Plymouth Rock and Malayan Fighting Cock. It aligned with the Cornish Standard resulting in Cornish Game Hens. This breeding was done by Connecticut farmers named Jacques & Alphonsine Makowsky.

cornish game hen recipe air fryer

People call Cornish chickens “Cornish game hens. “They have a historical association with the Indian game chicken.

Originally, the Indian gaming chicken was bred to fight. But it proved to be a lousy fighter, thus it ended up being a popular eating bird! The Cornish bird is big and muscular along with big breasts, making it a great choice for chicken dinner.

What is Special About Cornish Hens?

They are smaller than a typical chicken, which weighs in at more than a pound. Cooking time is less because of its compact size. The fatty skin also acts as a natural baste for the meat, ensuring that it doesn’t dry out while cooking.

Cornish hens’ meat is soft since they are fully developed at such a little weight. One can achieve crispy skin and well-cooked meat at the same time.

Does Cornish Hen Taste Better?

Cornish Hen Recipe taste

Do Cornish hens have a distinct flavor from other types of chicken? Cornish hens are a type of chicken. Thus they taste exactly like regular chickens in every way. Cornish hens may smell more refined to some people because of their tenderness.

Yet, this isn’t always the case. Both the Cornish hen and the chicken breast have health advantages. So if you’re wanting to eat fewer calories, go with the Cornish hen.

Ingredients You Need for Cornish Hen Recipe Air Fryer

Learn how to prepare a Cornish hen air fryer recipe, with crispy skin as well as delicious flesh by following a few simple steps.
First, you will need these ingredients for 1 Cornish game hen recipe air fryer.

  • Cornish hen ( 1 serving per person)
  • Onion powder ( 1 tsp)
  • Garlic Powder ( 1 tsp)
  • Dry Rosemary ( ½ tsp)
  • Paprika ( 1 tsp)
  • Dry thyme ( ½ tsp)
  • Olive oil ( 1 tbsp)
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Perfect Recipe for Cornish Hen in Air Fryer

Perfect Recipe for Cornish Hen in Air Fryer

Cooking a Cornish game hen recipe air fryer is one of my favorite methods. The deep golden brown skin with a juicy inside makes it irresistible to eat.

Before cooking the Cornish hen recipe air fryer you need to defrost the hens. You can follow any method you want. Rock Cornish hens defrost faster than a normal chickens, due to their small size.

Cornish hens should be kept in the refrigerator for more than one day after you remove them from the freezer.

You can use a large basin to thaw the frozen chicken. Fill it with cold water. Put the frozen Cornish hen in and clean the water every half hour until it’s completely thawed.

Right after it’s thawed, use paper towels to dry the Cornish hens fully before cooking.

Now let’s get into the easiest recipe for a Cornish hen in the air fryer.

Air Fryer Preheating

Air Fryer Preheating

To cook the air fryer Cornish hen recipe, preheat the air fryer first. You can do it for 5 minutes at 380 degrees F. Make sure the air fryer baskets or trays are well-coated with oil.

Making of Spice Mix

The spice blend can be made by combining the following:

A tiny bowl with the onion powder, paprika peppers, and rosemary in them is needed to be mixed together. Preserve in a cool environment. To create two Cornish hens recipe air fryer instead of one, double the amount of seasoning. keep the rest procedure the same.

Season the Chicken

Season the Chicken

Rub the spice combination over the hen. And then put olive oil everywhere along with the skin of the chicken. Don’t spare the cavity part. Then sprinkle salt to taste.
Open the Cornish up with a spoon so that you can season the meat with the spice mixes and get more flavor out of it.

To create two Cornish hens recipe air fryer instead of one, double the amount of seasoning. keep the rest procedure the same.

Cooking the Hen

In an air fryer basket, cook the game hen down the breast side for 20 minutes. Cook breast-side up for another 10 minutes. You need to check the temperature. You can use a meat thermometer for that. it should reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of 30 minutes.

Slice the roasted Cornish hen once it has rested for 10 minutes. Now enjoy the luscious scrumptious juicy meat!

This juicy meat can go with anything. Roasted veggies, roasted potatoes, air fryer broccolis, etc will be great as side dishes.

You can check my other recipes following the link

How Long Does it Take to Cook a Cornish Hen in an Air Fryer?

The time it takes to complete the whole recipe for a Cornish hen in an air fryer depends on the size of the Cornish hen. It’s fine to cook it for 20 minutes using a pressure cooker. Adding air crisp and cooking for 17 minutes improves the initial taste.

The Crispy Cornish hen recipe air fryer is a simple dinner recipe that can be prepared in about 45 minutes.

Is Cornish Hen Healthier?

Cornish hens are smaller and lighter than other chicken breeds. But they have very little fat and calories. Cornish hens are protein-rich like any chicken. They provide vitamin B12 to a large extent. This vitamin helps to prevent cataracts, skin ailments, and heart disease.

So a dinner party dish that will surely impress your guests is the Cornish chicken! You’re going to love how succulent and flavorful this tiny bird is going to be. This healthy meat that has been properly prepared and is tender enough to come off the bone is a joy to eat.

How Many Calories Are in a Cornish Hen With Skin?

Cornish hen is so low on calories and packed with healthy benefits. So if you’re wanting to eat fewer calories, go with the Cornish hen. Here is the total calorie chart per Cornish Hen serving.

Particulars grams calories calories
Calories   362  
Saturated 07 63 18%
Polyunsaturated 5.0 45 13%
Monounsaturated 11.2 100 28%
Carbohydrate 0 0 0%
Dietary Fiber 0 0 0%
Protein 31.0 124 35%
Alcohol 0 0 0%

How Much Protein is in a Cornish Hen?

Cornish hen is full of nutrients. It serves our protein needs too! One Cornish hen has 35% protein altogether.

Is Cornish Hen Good for Cholesterol?

Niacin is abundant in Cornish hens. Because of the white flesh, it decreases cholesterol and enhances cognitive function. It has 61% cholesterol per serving.

It has some other beneficial vitamins.

Elementary products Calorie
Vitamin A 3%
Vit C 1%
Vit D 0%
Vit B12 7%
Vit E 1%
Niacin 41%
Phosphorous 20%
Selenium 31%
Manganese 00%
Riboflavin 15%
Iron 7%
Calcium 2%

Frequently Ask Questions – FAQ

Is Cornish Hen the Same as Chicken?

Cornish Hen the Same as Chicken

Well, They are chickens, but a lil different than other chickens. Let me explain briefly.

  • Cornish hens weigh between one and two pounds, making them noticeably smaller. It is usually served as a single serving.
  • It is common for people to slaughter Cornish hens at a relatively young age. So their meat is softer than that of other breeds of chicken.
  • Adolescence in Cornish hens is another factor in their decreased fat content. The white meat of Cornish hens makes them a good source of niacin. It is a nutrient that lowers cholesterol and enhances brain function.
  • Most people can’t tell the difference in flavor between these two.

There are those who believe chicken has a more distinct flavor. Others argue that you can’t detect the difference.

You should taste both and then compare by yourself. Please don’t forget to tell me, haha!

  • Cornish hens are prepared in a very different way from chicken. Because the hens are so little, they can be served as an individual supper entrée. You may cut Cornish hens into quarters before or after cooking. Their delicate bones make them ideal for parties with a variety of dishes.

How do Cornish Hens Taste?

As a chicken variety, the Cornish hen has the same flavor and texture as regular chicken. It is possible to roast Cornish hens to tenderness as they are younger than chickens. Yet, they have a milder flavor than chicken.

Why Do Cornish Hens Taste Different Than Chicken?

To a large extent, the two kinds of chicken are distinguished by the time they are consumed. After four to five weeks of age, Cornish hens are ready for consumption. Compared to chicken, Cornish has a reduced fat content and are slender.

In other words, Cornish chicken has fewer calories per serving than chicken. Cornish hens have more white flesh and less black meat than other chickens.

What Wine Goes Well With Cornish Hens?

Cornish hens are best served with a Chardonnay. Also, Pinot Noir can be another option.

Bones in Cornish Hens

Do You Eat The Bones in Cornish Hens?

With its bone, a hen weighs around a pound and a half, but some can weigh as much as two pounds. How can someone not eat the luscious thing on earth? I eat those small bones with a loud chewing sound.

Is Cornish Hen like Turkey?

They are lucrative as turkeys. Besides, the recipe for Cornish hen in the air fryer is a lot easier due to their lightweight. You don’t even have to wrangle these chickens into a pan to fit them in, and they cook faster.

As a chicken variety, the Cornish hen has the same flavor and texture as regular chicken. As a result of their size, Cornish hens are ideal for individual consumption.

How Many Cornish Hens Can You Cook at Once?

You can roast one chicken per person for larger portions at a time. One Cornish hen recipe air fryer is enough for an adult person.

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