Yummy Air Fryer Quesadilla Recipe

quesadilla recipe air fryer

The air fryer quesadilla recipe is a delicious recipe that can be cooked in a matter of minutes. Cheese, meat, vegetables, and sometimes leftovers can all be found in these crispy tortillas. This cheese quesadilla air fryer recipe can be served as an evening treat, appetizer, or potluck lunch.

What is Air Fryer Quesadilla Recipe?

Yummy Air Fryer Quesadilla Recipe

The air fryer quesadilla recipe is a crunchy appetizer filled with melty cheese and sizzling taco meat. For hectic weeknights, Air Fryer Quesadillas are a great option for a quick and easy dinner.

Whether you’re making them as an appetizing appetizer or a hearty main dish for the whole family, you’ll love how quickly they come together in the air fryer. Leftover meat with Monterey Jack cheese is a family favorite, especially for the perfectly melted results.

If you want to stick to tradition, go with fried beans with cheese, but feel free to experiment with other ingredients. The cheese melts flawlessly in the air fryer, giving the tortilla the right crispness.

How Long Do You Cook A Frozen Quesadilla?

A frozen chicken quesadilla air fryer recipe should be cooked for 8-10 minutes at 400°F, flipping halfway through to ensure an even crispness throughout the dish. Use an air fryer or an oven-safe rack to hold your quesadillas closed while cooking them in a basket or pan.

Do Quesadillas Freeze Well?

Yes, quesadillas do freeze well. Two months is the maximum time quesadillas can be frozen.

If you don’t have a big appetite and can’t consume numerous quesadillas in one sitting, this is a perfect option for you. Quesadillas must be frozen in layers before they can be transferred to freezer-safe bags, so they don’t stay together.

To freeze quesadillas, follow these steps:

Allow The Temperature To Drop

Refrigerate any leftover quesadillas for at least 30 minutes before serving.


Freeze your quesadillas in individual serving sizes if you haven’t previously. When thawing your quesadillas, you can thaw only the part you need at a moment, making things much simpler.

Baked Parchment Paper

Bake the quesadillas in a single layer on a baking sheet covered in parchment paper. Next, put your quesadillas in the refrigerator for a few hours to solidify.

Place in A Freezer-Safe Bag And Store in The Freezer

Remove the frozen quesadillas from the freezer tray and store them in a freezer-safe bag until needed. Cling film should also be used to shield the ingredients from freezing, and burning and to keep them safe.

Seal and Freeze Your Labels

Before sealing and putting the quesadillas in the freezer, write the date they were made and the use-by date next to the freezer-safe bag.

Ingredients You Need for Air Fryer Quesadilla Recipe

air fryer chicken quesadilla recipe

It is difficult to imagine Mexican cuisine without the ubiquitous chicken quesadilla air fryer recipe. The best thing is that they can be created with a wide variety of ingredients.

Flour Tortillas

Tortillas made of flour is a better choice if you plan to stuff them with many different kinds of fillings than corn tortillas.

Ground Beef Taco Meat or Chicken

Taco spice enhances the flavor of this ground beef taco meat. It’s possible to substitute ground turkey or chicken for beef (cooked and shredded Chicken).

Monterey Jack Cheese

You can use any crumbled cheese, including mild Monterey Jack, for this air fryer cheese quesadilla recipe. With four different kinds of cheese, the Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese is one of my favorites.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is used to brush the tortillas while cooking.

Preparation for Chicken Quesadilla Recipe in Air Fryer

Chicken Quesadilla Recipe
  1. Set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit of the air fryer before using it.
  2. To make it simpler to fold the tortillas, wrap them in a paper towel and microwave for 10 seconds.
  3. On a chopping board, assemble your ingredients along with the tortillas. You may use other smooth surfaces.
  4. Then top with a small amount of shredded cheese and serve. Top the tortillas with the chicken and vegetables, then finish with a small sprinkle of cheese. Form a half-moon shape by folding in half.
  5. Apply frying spray to the basket of the air fryer and place the quesadilla neatly within.
  6. Spritz the tops of the tortillas with cooking spray (or brush with olive oil or vegetable oil).

Tricks and Tips

  1. When the tortilla is first cooked, I’ve noticed that it can separate from the contents. Push it down with a spoon and keep cooking if this happens.
  2. Flip midway through. This ensures that the entire quesadilla is crisped up perfectly.
  3. Crisp and golden, with melted cheese, the quesadilla is done.
  4. For this dish, you can use whatever fillings you like. The cooking time may have to be adjusted.
  5. You can put a large number of fillings in your big tortillas.
  6. The recipe can easily be multiplied by two or three. Cooking in batches is all you’ll need to do.

What Should I Put in My Quesadilla?

Whatever you want to put inside the air fryer chicken quesadilla recipe is up to you. For those nights when I’m too exhausted to cook, I always have a tin of my favorite refried beans on hand. Nonetheless, don’t limit yourself to refried beans and shredded cheese!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to fillings, from rotisserie chicken to roasted vegetables to even cheese on its own.

What Are The Best Cheeses For Quesadillas?

chicken quesadilla air fryer recipe

Queso de Oaxaca cheese is used in Mexico in making air fryer cheese quesadilla recipes. It is close to mozzarella cheese which melts extremely easily.

Below you will find several different kinds of cheese which go well for air fryer cheese quesadilla recipes.

  1. Cheddar cheese
  2. Mexican cheddar cheese
  3. Mozzarella cheese
  4. Colby Jack cheese
  5. Gouda cheese

What Kind of White Cheese is Used in Quesadillas?

In Spanish, the word “queso” (cheese) is used. Quesillo, or white string cheese, is the Oaxacan version of Queso de Oaxaca (not unlike mozzarella).

A softly flavored, creamy filling that melts quickly is perfect for an air fryer chicken quesadilla recipe. It’s so versatile. This dish is a tortilla that has been heated and filled with cheese. Quesadillas can be stuffed with almost anything.

How Do You Make Quesadillas Crispy?

The quesadillas should be cooked with very little oil or butter in the pan. Too much oil and the tortilla becomes soggy and greasy, rather than crispy and flaky as it should be. If you wrap the pan’s bottom with a half tsp of oil, you’ll get a crunchy tortilla with golden brown spots.

Do You Fry Quesadillas in Butter or Oil?

When possible, I prefer to use butter over oil, but this is an exception: Because butter contains water, your quesadilla recipe air fryer will be soggy and squishy when finished. Oil is 100% fat, and it browns tortillas perfectly, giving your air fryer quesadilla recipe a delicious crunch on the outside.

Is Chicken Quesadilla Air Fryer Recipe Healthier?

Chicken Quesadilla Air Fryer Recipe

Quesadilla recipe air fryers are high in fat and calories, despite their flat shape. A 980-calorie, 55-gram-fat serving of one 13-inch dish is not out of the question. This cheesy disaster is high in calories. So, it’s not that healthy food. But you can have it on your cheat day, right?

How Many Calories Are in The Chicken Quesadilla Recipe in Air Fryer?

Past studies indicate that a chicken quesadilla recipe in an air fryer from a fast-food restaurant contains 529 calories, 27 grams of protein, 27 grams of fat, and 43 grams of carbohydrates, including more than 3 grams of fiber and sugar.

Frequently Ask Questions – FAQ

What Temperature Should The Air Fryer Be For Quesadillas?

In an air fryer basket, place the tortillas and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 8 to 10 minutes. Until the air fryer quesadilla recipes are crisp and golden, and the cheese is melted. flipping midway through the cooking time.

How Long Do You Cook a Frozen Quesadilla in The Air Fryer?

Set the air fryer to 370 degrees F and cook the frozen quesadillas for 3 to 6 minutes on the air fryer setting. Remove from heat when ready to serve.

How Do You Thaw Frozen Quesadillas?

Remove the frozen quesadillas from the chiller the night prior you intend to eat them. Now place them in the refrigerator to thaw overnight in the refrigerator. As of the next day, they’ll be completely defrosted.

You can thaw these in the microwave if you want to expedite the process. But you should be careful while doing so. Do not overheat them or they will become mushy. Quesadillas can be reheated in the microwave, but they should not be reheated straight from the freezer.

Can You Eat A Quesadilla Cold?

Cheese quesadillas, despite the fact that they are best served hot from the frying pan, can be enjoyed cold or reheated in a microwave.

How Long Does Quesadilla Last in The Fridge?

Quesadillas last for up to two months in the freezer. This Is the maximum time quesadillas can be frozen.

What Is The Difference Between A Quesadilla And An Enchilada?

Spicy and flavorful, Mexican cuisine is popular around the world. These include but are not limited to, enchiladas and quesadillas. They’re a crowd-pleaser because of the cheese’s creaminess and the variety of spices it contains. It is possible that they originated in Mexico, but they have since spread across the globe.

Mexican dish Enchilada is full of classic chili sauce flavor. “to the season with chili” refers to the sauce’s primary ingredient, which is chili peppers. Cheese is sprinkled liberally over the finished dish.

Wheat flour or corn can be used to make it. It’s time to bake the enchilada after it’s been made. To make an Enchilada, just use the red sauce on top; there’s no need for a separate side dish.

To make an air fryer quesadilla recipe you need tortilla. The inside is generally packed with a generous amount of cheese. The dish wouldn’t be complete without it.

There are numerous ways to prepare this dish, including adding or omitting meat, changing the type of vegetables, and so on. The cheese within the quesadilla is heated or grilled until it is fully incorporated into the tortilla. Quesadillas can be dipped in a variety of sauces.

How Do You Reheat A Quesadilla In An Air Fryer?

Reheating air fryer quesadilla recipe quesadillas in the oven can be tricky.

  1. Start by preheating your oven to 325°F.
  2. Place the quesadilla on a foil-lined baking sheet is the second method to try.
  3. Bake until the tortilla is browned and the cheese has melted. Maximum 10 minutes.
  4. Salsa, sour cream, and guacamole can be served as a side along with the tacos for dipping.

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